Custom MVP Mobile
Product Code PC08
Combination Manual (Black)
Digit 8 & 9      
13, 23, 33, 44, 45, 56, 66, 77   LBI30163 DF9041
88, 89, 91, 92   LBI30606 DF9041
Transmitter Manual (Orange)
Digit 8 & 9 Digit 3    
13, 23, 33 4, 5 LBI30167 DF3164
44, 45 4, 5 LBI30635 DF3164
56, 66 4 LBI30512 DF3164
56, 66 5 LBI30141 DF3164
77, 88, 89, 91 4 LBI30154 DF3164
77, 88, 89, 91 5 LBI30564 DF3164
92 4 LBI30599 DF3164
Tx Description and Maint
LB   LBI30168 DF3164
HB   LBI30142 DF3164
UHF   LBI30155 DF3164
LB 19D423355G1-G3 LBI30045 DF3165
HB 19D423293G1, G2 LBI30053 DF3165
UHF 19D423346G1, G2 LBI30060 DF3165
LB 19D423926G2, G3, G4 LBI30169 DF3166
HB 19D423927G1 LBI30143 DF3166
UHF 19D423928G1, G3 LBI30156 DF3166
Receiver Manual (Brown)
Digit 8 & 9 Digit 7    
13, 23, 33 S, U LBI30158 DF1113
13, 23, 33 N, W LBI30161 DF1113
44, 45 S, U LBI30630 DF1113
56, 66 S, P, U, G LBI30145 DF1113
56, 66 N, W LBI30149 DF1113
77, 88, 89, 91 S, P, U, G LBI30151 DF1113
92 S, U LBI30595 DF1113
Rx Description and Maint
LB   LBI30159 DF1113
LB w/ noiseblanker   LBI30162 DF1113
HB   LBI30146 DF1113
HB w/ noiseblanker   LBI30150 DF1113
UHF   LBI30152 DF1113
RF Assembly & Mixer, IF Assembly
LB 19D416478G1-G4 19C320094G1-G4 LBI4989 DF1107
LB w/ noiseblanker 19D416478G1-G4 19D416562G1-G4 LBI4991 DF1107
HB 19D416693G1, G2 19C320153G1 LBI4980 DF1107
HB w/ noiseblanker 19D416693G1, G2 19D416662G1 LBI4982 DF1107
UHF (RF / Filter) 19D417075G9-G12 19B227059G1 LBI30032 DF1107
Oscillator/Multiplier Board
LB 19C321986G2-G4 LBI30160 DF1106
HB 19C321981G5, G6 LBI30147 DF1106
UHF 19C321981G1-G4 LBI30147 DF1106
IF - Detector
  19C321662G1-G3 LBI30049 DF1105
Carrier Defeat Timer
  19C327047G1 LBI30196 DF8408
SAS System Audio Squelch Manual (Blue)
All   LBI31128 DF4101
All (Earlier Version) 19C321920G1 LBI30148 DF4101
Tone Manual (Green)
Digit 7      
G, U, W   LBI30370 DF5047
G, U, W 19C321931G1-G3 LBI30195 DF5047
Installation Manual
All   LBI30164 DF9041
Operators Manual
All   LBI30165  
Instruction Book Index
All   LBI30221 DF9041
  High Side Injection LBI30145 DF1113
  Universal Tone Jack LBI30148 DF4101
  Mounting Accys LBI30164 DF9041
19D423793G1, G2 Power Supply LBI30166 DF0073
  Carrier Defeat Timer LBI30196 DF8408
  CG LBI30370 DF5047
  CCT LBI30407 DF8408
19C320477G1 Noise Canceling Microphone LBI30451 DF8385
  Cross Band/Osc LBI30635 DF3164
  9.5 Watt PA LBI30722  
  Power Supply LBI30858 DF0073
  Mic Preamp LBI30859  
  Remote Control LBI30860  
  DTMF Encoder LBI30877  
  CG LBI31054  
  Antenna LBI31128  
  Noise Suppression LBI3184  
  Power Supply LBI4954 DF8385

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