Radio Programming Related, all Manufacturers

- M/A Com / Com-Net / Ericsson / GE

Hall Electronics Programming Cable Diagrams

Niles Radio, Originators of the Niles Programming Software (No Longer Supported)

Niles Radio's PRG Programmer Software

Price Industries -  Ericsson Programming Interfaces

***dead link*** Programming Cellular Telephones

Programming Cellular Telephones

VO1CPU's GE Phoenix page

TQ2310 Suitcase Programmer PROM images

KD4BMM's Phoenix Information, includes manual for 4EX22A10 programmer

***dead link*** WB8ZDF's Delta S 6 Meter Information

***dead link*** N5XNQ's Communications Central. Manual for to TQ3370 Programming Interface

***dead link*** N5XNQ's Communications Central. Monogram (Maxon) Interface

***dead link*** N5XNQ's Communications Central. Panther 200M, 400M, 600M (Tait T2000) Interface

***dead link*** Software

- Motorola

Batlabs - Motorola Programming Information

MoSlo Utility Software - Slow down fast PCs to run speed-sensitive programs

Polaris Radio - Motorola Programming Hardware

N7OCS's MCX-100, Syntor, and Syntor X Programming

WN6CTY's MCX-100, Syntor, and Syntor X Programming

Motorola GP68 Programming instructions

G8UEK's Motorola / Storno Info

G1IGV's Motorola GP300, GM300, GM350, McMicro Programming info

EB4EQA's GP300 Programming RIB

Guerrilla Net's Motorola SP10 / Radio Shack 19-1206 Dip Switch Settings

WN6CTY's Motorola RIB Kenwood and Moto RIB's and Cables

Hong Kong Radio Amateurs RIB

- Kenwood Kenwood and Moto RIB's and Cables

Kenwood Programmer / Software reference Kenwood TK730/TK830 Info Kenwood TK250/TK350 Info

EB4EQA's Kenwood PG-4S Programming Interface

KB7QPK's Kenwood PG-4S Programming Interface

KC7ZRU / DB8KY's Kenwood PG-4S Programming Cable

WA3HRL's Kenwood PG4P - PG4S Adapter Cable

- Other

MAK Interface Universal Programmer Adapter

KC5JDG's Programming Accys for sale - Kenwood, Midland, Uniden, Motorola

The Digital Library - Software for the MAK Interface

***dead link*** N5XNQ's Communications Central - Programmer Schematics

Standard Radio Programming

RT Systems - Radio Programming Software - ADI, Alinco, ICOM, Yaesu

***dead link*** Yaesu Programming Cable Adapter

Yaesu ADMS Programming Cable

Motorola Access Point - Programing Software

Pyramid Communications - Vehicular Repeater

Topaz3 / Maxon USA Radio Programming (Accys)

***dead link*** Maxon SW

Curtis NAMFACTS CellPhone Programming Guide




Bendix King

Regency / Wilson Slope Front

Ritron JMX Series


KE4SUV's Scanner Interface Info

CI-V and TTL Level Converter Cable Comparisons

iCOM OPC478 Cable Diagrams

DF4OR's iCOM OPC478 CI-V info

W1VON's iCOM F series programming and option cable info

EB4EQA's Yaesu ADMS Programming Interface

Vertex Yaesu VX-1R, VX-5R, VX-10, FT-50 Programming Interface

Philips FM900, PRM80, Sawtron KG107

M5GWH's PMR Links

East London Comm Programming Equipment

Software Pages and other links

"RP" Radio Programming List Server at Yahoo

Radio-Programming List Server at Yahoo

Guerrilla Net's Radio Shack BTX-127 (19-1206) MURS Radio DIP Switch Settings

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