Site Controller, EDACS
Product Code PS
DEC VAX Computer   PST25X
Features- 8 Priority Levels, Activity Loging, Basic Diagnostic Alarming, Full Dispatch Support, Recent User Priority Increment, Call Validtion, Unit Disable/Enable, Dynamic Regroup (DR not supported on narrow band systems) Optional Features- Enhanced Local Interconnect, Power Monitor, Guard Dog.
Modem Site Controller to Sys Mgr   PSMD5A
Redundant Downlink GETC   PSCP3D
69" Cabinet   PSCA1D
83" Cabinet   PSCA1U
86" Open Rack, Extra Deep   PSMR1G
Power Supply 120V PSPS1N
Enhanced Local Interconnect (ELI)
Global Telephone Interconnect 1 per Tel Line/Base Station SXMD3T
GTI Interface 1 per system Includes Cfg SW, prog cable SXMD3U
Interconnect Accounting Manager (IAM) Call Record Storage Device SXMD3V
Cable, PCM, Short GTI Bus SXCF1C
Cable, PCM, Long GTI Bus SXCF1D
Cable, Phone, Short   SXCE9Z
Cable, Phone, Medium   SXCF1A
Cable, Phone, Long   SXCF1B
Zetron Zebra Billing Package   V 1420
Power Monitor Unit
PMU w/Antenna Bidirectional Sensor PSME1C
PMU Accessories   PSME1F
Transmit Power Sensor For Station or Tx Combinor 400-1000MHz PSAN1W
Cable, RF Power Sensor For Tx Combinor PSCF7W
EDACS Guardog
Guardog Site Reset and Alarm Notification   PSMD3P
Reset Module Accessories   PSMD5J
Site Controller Reset Strip 120VAC   PSMD3R
Alarm Control Unit
Alarm Control Unit  
Orion Test Radio   .

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