RCN1000 Remote
Product Code RC
Model Number Frequencies Microphone
DC Control/Std Squelch * = Do Not use in parallel  
RCD1SM 1 Desk Mic    
RCD2SM 2 Desk Mic *  
RCD1SH 1 Handset    
RCD2SH 2 Handset *  
Tone Control/Std Squelch    
RCT1SM 1 Desk Mic    
RCT2SM 2 Desk Mic    
RCT4SM 4 Desk Mic    
RCT1SH 1 Handset    
RCT2SH 2 Handset    
RCT4SH 4 Handset    
DC Control/CG    
RCD1GM 1 Desk Mic    
RCD2GM 2 Desk Mic *  
RCD1GH 1 Handset    
RCD2GH 2 Handset *  
Tone Control/CG    
RCT1GM 1 Desk Mic    
RCT2GM 2 Desk Mic    
RCT4GM 4 Desk Mic    
RCT1GH 1 Handset    
RCT2GH 2 Handset    
RCT4GH 4 Handset    
Voice Guard    
RCTVGM 1 Desk Mic    
RCTGGM 2 Desk Mic    
RCTVGH 1 Handset    
RCTGGH 2 Handset    
RCTPSH   Handset    
RCTPSM   Desk Mic    
Option Number Tone Only or DC Only Description Older Style Nomenclature Newer Style Nomenclature
RCZ001   Alert Tone    
RCZ002   Clock VU Meter    
RCZ003   Supervisory Control    
RCZ004   Alternate Line Selection    
RCZ005   4 Wire Audio Digit 5 must be A, C, D Digit 4 must be 1 or 2
RCZ006 Tone Aux #1 Control Digit 3 must be T  
RCZ007   GMARC-V Application RCDMAS or RCDHAS only RCD1SM or RCD1SH only
RCZ008 Tone CG On/Off Digit 3 must be T Digit 5 must be A, C, D  
RCZ009   Repeater On/Off    
RCZ010 Tone Notch Filter Digit 3 must be T Digit 5 must be A, C, D  
RCZ011   Speaker Mute    
RCZ012   Intercom    
RCZ013 Tone Parallel Tx Indicator / Notch Filter / Function Tone Mute Digit 3 must be T  
RCZ014   External Tone Cable    
RCZ015   Take Over Switch (Voter Operation) Digit 5 must be C Digit 4 must be 1
RCZ016   Scan Enable/Disable Digit 5 must be C Digit 4 must be 2 Digit 5 must be S
RCZ017   Wall Mount Bracket    
RCZ018   CSIP Option (On-Premise-Mark C)    
RCZ019 DC Parallel Tx Indicator Digit 3 Must be D Digit 3 must be D
RCZ020   Aux Receiver Digit 5 Must be A Digit 6 must be S Digit 4 must be 1 or 2
RCZ021   Footswitch    
RCZ022   Footswitch w/ earmuff headset    
RCZ023   Footswitch w/ earpiece headset    
Features- Handset or Desk Microphone, DC Current/Tone Signalling, Digital Volume Control and Selector Switch, Built in Speaker, Status LEDs.  
LBI31845 Old Style Operators Manual DC and Tone  
LBI31846 Old Style Maint Manual DC and Tone  
LBI38234 New Style Maint Manual DC  
LBI38235 New Style Maint Manual Tone  
LBI31959 New Style Operators Manual Tone EDACS
LBI31960 New Style Maint Manual Tone EDACS
OEM = IDA Corp      
IDA 24-46 DC Remote and 24-66 Tone Remote Controller
Product Code RC
ID-431-24-46H   DC Remote with Handset    
ID-431-24-46M   DC Remote with Desk Mic    
ID-431-24-66H   Tone Remote with Handset    
ID-431-24-66M   Tone Remote with Desk Mic    
ID-431-24-66HE   EDACS Tone Remote with Handset   *
ID-431-24-66ME   EDACS Tone Remote with Desk Mic   *
DC Remote Options
ID-431-RBC-410   Clock VU Meter    
ID-431-RBC-411   4 Wire Audio    
ID-431-RBC-412   Alternate Line/Supervisory Control    
ID-431-RBC-413   Parallel Tx Indicator    
Tone Remote Options
ID-431-RBC-610   Clock VU Meter   *
ID-431-RBC-611   4 Wire Audio    
ID-431-RBC-612   Alternate Line/Supervisory Control    
ID-431-RBC-613   Parallel Tx, Notch Filter    
ID-431-RBC-614   12 VDC Power Cable   *
ID-431-RBC-615   2nd Line w/Summed Audio    
ID-431-RBC-616   One Touch Tx   *
ID-431-RBC-620   Alpha-Numeric Display   *
ID-431-RBC-622   DTMF Encoder   *
Options & Accessories common to both IDA models
ID-431-RBC-001   Wall Mount Bracket   *
ID-431-RBC-002   External Tone Cable    
ID-431-RBC-003   Programming Cable and Software   *
ID-431-RBC-005   Installation Manual   *
ID-431-RBC-006   Maintenance Manual   *
ID-431-RBC-007   Headset and Footswitch   *
Options Applicable with Conventional Mastr III Stations
ID-900-0718QQ   Remote Button "CG Off"    
ID-900-0718RR   Remote Button "RP Off"    
ID-900-0718SS   Remote Button "RX2"    
Features- Handset or Desk Microphone, DC Current/Tone Signalling, PC Programmable, Control and Display up to 4 Channels, Monitor, Mute, Alert Tone, Programmable Auxiliaries, 30dB of compression and 3 Watts Audio

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