RCN1000 Remote   RCN1000 Remote
Product Code RC   Product Code RC
Older Style   Newer Style
Vendor / Product Code Control Microphone Handset Number of Freqs Tx/Rx Option   Vendor / Product Code Control Number of Freqs Option Microphone Handset
RC D H A G   RC D 1 G M
Remote Control DC Control Handset 1/1 Channel Guard   Remote Control DC Control 1 Freq Channel Guard Desk Microphone
  T M C S     T 2 S H
  Tone Control Desk Microphone 2/2 Standard     Tone Control 2 Freq Standard Handset
      D         4    
      4/4 (Tone Only)         4 Freq    
      G         V    
      2/2 VG (Tone Only)         1 Chan - Voice Guard    
      P         G    
      Public Safety Trunking (Tone Only)         2 Chan - Voice Guard    
      V         P    
      1/1 Voice Guard (Tone Only)         Public Safety Trunking EDACS (Tone Only)    

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