Mastr Exec II Vehicular Repeater
Product Code V1
Manual Application Freq Range   LBI
Operating Manual Delta Prior to 1/93   LBI30831
Combination Manual Delta     LBI31154
Rangr     LBI38148
Installation Manual Delta     LBI30115
Rangr     LBI38147
Transmitter Manual   UHF   LBI30818
  VHF   LBI30815
Receiver Manual   VHF   LBI30055
  UHF   LBI30062
System Board Delta     LBI30827
Rangr     LBI38149
Logic Board Delta, Rangr     LBI31159
Channel Guard Delta     LBI4870
Type 90 Delta, Rangr     LBI30814
Non Structured Options
Description Freq Range MHz   Option LBI
Mobile CG Decoder     CG1A LBI4870
Mobile CG Decoder     CG1A LBI38228
Mobile Detector 42-50 1 Freq RX1A LBI4689
Mobile Detector 42-50 2 Freq RX1B LBI4689
Mobile Detector 42-50 8 Freq RX1C LBI4689
Mobile Detector 150.8-174 1 Freq RX1D LBI30035
Mobile Detector 150.8-174 2 Freq RX1E LBI30035
Mobile Detector 150.8-174 8 Freq RX1F LBI30035
Mobile Detector 450-470 1 Freq RX1G LBI4639
Mobile Detector 450-470 2 Freq RX1H LBI4639
Mobile Detector 450-470 8 Freq RX1J LBI4639
Package Numbers
Package # Combination Number Freq Range    
V1A01 V1DVR16HS 150.8-174    
V1A04 V1DVR15MS 450-470    

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