We sell equipment for these manufactures:

Doug Hall Electronics www.dheco.com

Ericsson GE www.ericsson.se/US/prs/

Nextel www.nextel.com

icom www.icomamerica.com

Ritron www.ritron.com

Tait USA www.taitusa.com

Uniden www.uniden.com

We also carry parts and accessories from these manufacturers:

Alex Mfg www.alexmfg.com

Astron Corp. www.astroncorp.com

Centurion www.centurion.com

David Clark www.davidclark.com

Decible Products www.decibleproducts.com

Federal Signal www.fedsig.com

Gamber Johnson www.gamberjohnson.com

Maxrad www.maxrad.com

Motorola www.mot.com

Polyphaser www.polyphaser.com

RF Industries www.rfindustries.com

WPCS www.wpcs.com

Yaesu www.yaesu.com

Zetron www.zetron.com

And many more.....

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