MPI Crystals

GE Part # Purpose ICM Part Number Fx Crystal Freq Fo Operating Freq
19A702375G1 UHF Tx 023860 Fo/8=Fx Fx*8=Fo
19A702375G2 UHF Rx 023861 (Fo-21.4MHz)/9 ((Fx*9)+21.4MHz)=Fo
19A702375G2 VHF Tx 023865 Fo/3=Fx Fx*3=Fo
19A702375G2 VHF Rx 023864 (Fo-10.7MHz)/3 (Fx*3)+10.7Mz=Fo

If we don't have the Crystal you want,
you can order them from ICM.
They will custom make any crystal you need.
Just reference the above part numbers.

International Crystal Manufacturing

We highly recomend this quality supplier.

Last Updated on 4/5/99
By Curt Corder