Programming the EDACS
300P Portable Radio

There are two M/A Com radios called the 300P. This page deals with programming the EDACS variety of the 300P Portable (Product Code KD).

For info on the Conventional 300P (Product code KB) Click here

The TQ3398 programming cable connects the radio to the TQ3370 interface.

TQ3398 for EDACS 300P (RPM 113 2472/44)
Test Cable for EDACS 300P (RPM 113 2472/45)
EDACS 300P Model Numbers


Start with the radio turned OFF.

Press and hold the ^ button. Using the ON/OFF/Volume knob, turn the radio power ON. A 4-digit number will appear.

Release the button and the radio will enter the programming mode. When the radio enters the programming mode, the  message  PC PRO will flash in the display:

Use TQ3389 ProGrammer Software to program the radio in conventional mode, or TQ3385 ProGrammer Software to program the radio in EDACS or Conventional mode.

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