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TQ Model Number Part Number Description / Used With
4EX22A10 EEPROM Programmer, Small (Phoenix S/SX, Delta S/SX)
TQ0614  * 19D902279P1 S825 Auto Tester - Interface to terminal
TQ0620 Mastr II Utility Handset
TQ0650  * 344A4153P1 Test Adapter -Program Mastr III Modules
TQ2310  *  * "Suitcase Programmer"
TQ3310 19D438367G1 Interface -Program Personality Only
TQ3370  * 19D438367G2 Interface -Program Personality and Flash
TQ3330  * 19A149654P2 Interface -Delta S,SX / Rangr 89 / VG9600  (2400 N81)
KRD103121/11  * Programmer (RELM) DRC200 Desktop Repeater
KRY1011621/1 KRY1011616/1 Interface - (Uniden)  NPC200    Alternative
KRY1011618/1 KRY1011612/51  * Interface Kit- IPE-SERIES,DPE100,DPE200
LPP 106 27  * Telephone Exchange Kit DPE100,DPE200, IPE200 (also cellular DH338, CT-700, CT-500, AH-300 series, AH-200 series)
MHTS3R  * Programmer (Maxon) - LB Monogram Portable
ZE950-9879 Programming Kit (Zetron) for DDC-100 Digital Desktop Controller




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