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Quasar / Panasonic HHC
RL-H1800 Hand Held Computer with 8K Ram  6502 @ 1MHz

RD-9348 AC Adapter

RL-P1004A Printer Cassette Adapter

RL-S6006S6 RS-232-C (Serial I/O)

RL-P6001 I/O Adapter

PC905TE RS232C


This programmer is used to program the following radios. Phoenix S/SX/PSX200, MLS 1, Rangr, Delta S/SX, S950/S990, MPD, MPS, PLS, MPI Type 99, TMX8200/8400/8500/8600, TPX, GE Marc V Personal, GE Marc V Mobile, Classic, Centura, Corona, Classic 2, TMX1000, GE4000, CMX8630, MPS w/VG, VG9600, Cellular Mobile Carfone.


Go here for a list of software proms, hardware part numbers, and maintenance manual publication numbers for the URP.


To program "out of band" use the insert button to write the frequency. It will give you an error message, but it will accept the data.


TQ2347 and TQ2311  MLS 1 / Phoenix Programming Cable


Adapting a TQ3370 (PC RIB) cable for use with TQ2310.


To program a 128 Channel Phoenix, you need to enter the following code in the configure menu selection :M:M:P.C


Variations of the computer include the HHC8 8K model that shipped standard with the TQ2310, as well as a 4K and 2K model. The 2K model has plenty of memory to program most radios.



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